The Lonely Musician

A man sits on the curb in Washington DC. His shoes have holes in them. His jacket is nearly in pieces. In his dirty hands, he clutches a guitar. Music helps him forget the ecomomy, forget his poverty, forget everything bad in the world.

He starts to play, singing a song he wrote himself. The rhythm is slower, the tune is unforgettable. The words are full of meaning.

Few people stop. Most that are passing by give him a dollar or two. He plays all day, singing 13 songs over and over.

A man who owns a record company walks by. He needs a good musician. He needs the Lonely Musician. He is the man who offers the Lonely Musician the most: a chance to restart his life. The Lonely Musician agrees.

The Lonely Musician records his 13 songs and sells millions of albums. He is number one on the charts. He is recognized everywhere. He sees the faces of a few people who gave him money. Front row of his concerts. He sees the faces of people who just walked by. Front row of his concerts. The Lonely Musician realizes that you have to have your face everywhere for people to appreciate you. He doesn't like that.

The Lonely Musician helps out people in poverty, street musician included. He often walks around DC, looking for good preformers to include in his concerts.

The Lonely Musician's old jacket, the one nearly in pieces, fell apart eventually. He loved that jacket so much, because it reminded him. So, the Lonely Musician too the zippers off and made them into pins. He wears one on any jacket he wears, to remind him of what used to be.

This is an originial from me, inspired by the Joshua Bells playing-in-the-subway story ( and a pin that my writing teacher had for creativity. It was a zipper coiled into a rose. And note from me, wow. This is longer than I thought...



    My name is obviously not Legally-Addicted. But my real name is.... Not Gonna say. So keep dreaming. I am a almost 13 year old (B-Day in August!!) I love making and maintaning these blogs and my whole webbie site. Make sure you check back often for new updates!!


    July 2009



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