Let me tell you a little more about my webbie site. I originally wanted to find a site where I could upload half done sets onto polyvore so I could finish them. (there is a 50 item limit to sets.)

But, I found that once I made this, what the heck. I'll make a website! So that is what I'm doing, and enjoying. I love ranting even though I never usually do in public, so this gave me the chance to create a ranting blog. I also have another blog for random things, and I have a blog for polyvore, my fave site, where I have things about polyvore, then I go and make a set on Polyvore telling people to check it out. So, If you have a polyvore account, please PM me at Legally-Addicted. I'd love to hear from you!! Or comment your username on my polyvore blog.

Okay. So you have a Polyvore account and you want people to see your sets. To get a Member Spotlight or a Great Set, just fave or comment a few of my sets and I'll stop by your profile to look around and see if there's anything I like. You don't have to fave ALL of my sets. Or a large number of them. Just one comment or fave will work.

Also, people who check here often may have noticed that... My Layout changed!! Yes, it did. Hope you like it. If you dont... Email me. We'll discuss it.

Also, I have my shiny new Story blog!! And, I FINALLY got my pictures up for the My Pics page. CHECK THEM OUT!