Carlymarie! makes some downright amazing mosaic sets. They must take days to finish. Here is an example of one of her amazing sets.

Okay, to get into my member spotlight list, all you have to do is comment or fave one of my sets. I will then go and look at yours and if I think you have some talent, onto the list you go. I will handpick a set of yours that I think best shows your talent, and it will go up here. I will also make a set with a blog update. Look for the red flower and green background, that indicates a blog update.

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    My name is obviously not Legally-Addicted. But my real name is.... Not Gonna say. So keep dreaming. I am a almost 13 year old (B-Day in August!!) I love making and maintaning these blogs and my whole webbie site. Make sure you check back often for new updates!!


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