Wow. Talk about one intense movie! I adored every second of it. I was also really anxious nearing the end because I knew a certain someone dies. (If you've seen the movie or read the book, you'll understand)

Anyway, that is all for now. Thanks to the people who come to my site. Love ya!



Since I cannot find anything to Rant about, I am turning the rant blog into a story blog. coming soon!!


Sons of Maxwell made this hilarious video after United broke his $3500 Taylor guitar. United didn't do anything and Sons of Maxwell have more songs and videos coming. Shouldn't these guys get a recording contract?


Okay, so while I was away, we went to a place called Red Rock Canyon. It is somewhere in Alberta, Canada. Anyway, I took some really cool pictures of some flowers, and I will get them onto a page soon enough. Give me some time though. Feel free to use them, please give all credit to me, Legally-Addicted. If I find ANYONE is using them without credit, I will take the entire page down. Please, don't ruin it for everyone. I will be posting them on polyvore, Credit to Legally-Addicted.


Peace &♥.



Today I went hiking with my grandma, younger sis and parental units. We saw NO wildlife on the trail, except for a chipmunk, but saw 5 or 6 deer in the campgrounds, 2 mountain goats(or sheep. IDK, then had horns.) running on the road, in the campsite. About a million gophers near the picnic area, and a black bear and a brown bear when we were leaving. Sooo exciting. And, I'm staying at my grandma's, so tomorrow we leave. Two flights while we are sore from hiking. Joy. 


Gosh! I am being SO lazy with both this blog and my rant blog. My polyvore blog is the only active one. I have, like, tons of people lined up for member spotlighting. Also, I have a great set waiting to be published in my drafts. Which I will go do now. Cya!!

Peace, Love, and Cookies,



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