Today I went hiking with my grandma, younger sis and parental units. We saw NO wildlife on the trail, except for a chipmunk, but saw 5 or 6 deer in the campgrounds, 2 mountain goats(or sheep. IDK, then had horns.) running on the road, in the campsite. About a million gophers near the picnic area, and a black bear and a brown bear when we were leaving. Sooo exciting. And, I'm staying at my grandma's, so tomorrow we leave. Two flights while we are sore from hiking. Joy. 


    My name is obviously not Legally-Addicted. But my real name is.... Not Gonna say. So keep dreaming. I am a almost 13 year old (B-Day in August!!) I love making and maintaning these blogs and my whole webbie site. Make sure you check back often for new updates!!


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